Washed Kaolin for High Quality Ceramic Tableware

Washed Kaolin clay  ORIGIN: CHINAGRADE: HIGH GRADEChemical analysisKaolin clay  SilicaSiO2    49.70%AluminaAl2O3    37.20%Sodium OxideNa2O   0.10%Potassium OxideK2O    0.20 %Titanium OxideTiO2    0.05%Calcium OxideCaO    0.02

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Washed Kaolin clay  

Chemical analysis
Kaolin clay  
SilicaSiO2    49.70%
AluminaAl2O3    37.20%
Sodium OxideNa2O   0.10%
Potassium OxideK2O    0.20 %
Titanium OxideTiO2    0.05%
Calcium OxideCaO    0.02%
Magnesium OxideMgO    0.12%
Ferric OxideFe2O3   0.38%
Loss On IgnitionLOI    12.23%
Particle size: 325mesh
Fired properties at 1200degrees: whiteness 92%
Appearance: cake form (18% moisture)
Packing: 50kg/bag or Jumbo bag

Kaolin clay Used for Paint and Coatings
While kaolin isn't an absolute replacement for titanium dioxide, it is an excellent and economical extender, helping keep manufacturing costs down in a number of architectural paints and coatings.
But the benefits don't stop there. Kaolin also offers increased opacity and tint strength, stain and scrub resistance, improved pigment suspension, sheen control and improved holdout.
At Chuang Sen, we manufacture a wide range of color pigments and special effect pigments with kaolin that are designed to brighten, whiten, strengthen and visually enhance architectural features.

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Washed Kaolin Clay for High Quality Ceramic Tableware

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